Undergraduate Students

James Harding (published a journal article) 2011-2012

Ahmad Elayan (published a conference article) 2011-2012

Brian Doubek (published a conference article) 2011-2012

George Hubbard (published a conference article) 2012

Aerielle Karr (won the second place at UIC Research Forum) 2012

Waltz Tsang (won the second place at UIC Research Forum) 2011-2013

Nadia Simek 2013-2014

Diana Briones 2015

Katalina Rodriguez (published a conference article) 2015

Mary Cunningham (published a conference article) 2014-2016

Preethe Narayanan 2016

Margaret Aleen (published a conference article) 2016-2017

Robert Sean Doumas 2016-2017

Caitlin Koziel 2018-2019

Stephanie Padilla 2019

Karen Portillo 2019

Trevor Cannon 2019-Present

Cleo Jaurigue 2020-Present

Neftali Fonseca 2020-Present

Gabrielle Yates 2020-Present