PhD Students – Past & Present

Zahra Heidary
Numerical Modeling of Wave Propagation in Large Scale Damaged Structures for Quantitative Acoustic Emission
Currently Senior Data Scientist at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company

Hossain Saboonchi
A family of MEMS sensors for Structural Health Monitoring
Currently Director of Research, Contract and Application Group at Mistras Group Inc.

Zeynab Abbasi
Stress Quantification of Complexly Loaded Structural Components using Acoustoelasticity
Currently Senior Civil Engineer at Thornton Tomasetti

Minoo Kabir
Engineered Acoustic Emission Sensing in Metallic Structures by Phononic Crystals and MEMS Sensors
Currently Post-doc at Stanford University

Lu Zhang
Quantitative Acoustic Emission for Damage Detection in Complex Geometries
Currently Post-doc at UIC

Amir Mostavi
The Enhancement of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Testing to Detect Micro-structural Defects in Metals
Current Project Engineer at Skanska

Gorkem Okudan
Design of Steel Connections with Damage Detection Philosophy
2017-Exp 2022